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Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in India for Nose Surgery

Our hospital is renowned as the best rhinoplasty surgeon in India for nasal deformity correction (best nose surgeon in India). It stands as a premier surgery center with over 28 years of experience in nose surgery. With expertise in dealing with all varieties of nasal deformities, our hospital has successfully performed over 5000 rhinoplasty procedures. Utilizing biometric analyses of the patient’s face, we ensure the best possible results. Employing the latest surgical techniques, we prioritize total patient satisfaction while minimizing scar formation by placing all incisions inside the nose. Additionally, we ensure stability of results through the use of rib grafts and bone substitutes like Bio-Oss. Our hospital is also globally recognized as a cleft reconstruction center, where minimal scarring techniques enable normal speech for cleft defect patients

Correction of common nasal deformities

Broad nose, saddle nose and parrot beak nose are common nasal deformities. Most people are not happy with the shape of the nose. Over 10% of the population has some degree of nasal deformity. Structural nasal deformity also leads to functional compromise. Snoring is a result of a deviated nasal septum. A constricted nasal canal arising from flat nose deformity can compromise breathing function. Daytime sleepiness is a result of such a functional compromise. Rhinoplasty provides not only good cosmetic results but also improves nasal function. It has proven that good sleep oxygen levels are very important for good memory functions.

Skill sets for a rhinoplasty surgeon

The best rhinoplasty surgeon in India possesses expertise in correcting imbalances in facial bones, jaws, and teeth, which significantly influence facial appearance and function. Surgical correction of such imbalances can alleviate difficulties in speaking, biting, chewing, and breathing, along with addressing jaw joint pain.

Types of nasal deformities operated in our hospital

Nasal deformity correction comes under two categories. They are correction of congenital deformities and those arising from trauma. Congenital deformities include cleft deformity, broad nose, parrot beak and saddle nose deformity. Crooked nose correction and flat nose correction also fall under this category. Parrot beak correction surgery and nasal hump correction involve reshaping the nose. Flat nose correction is through use of bone grafts to the bridge of the nose. Most cosmetic surgeons prefer this technique. Broad nose correction involves this along with nostril reduction surgery. Parrot beak correction surgery involves modification of the nasal tip. Nasal hump reduction is through reduction of extra bone that gives rise to the nasal hump.