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The size and position of facial bones, jaws and teeth determine the facial appearance. If the jaws are not proportionate or out of alignment, it may cause difficulties in speaking, biting, chewing or breathing, jaw joint pain and affect the appearance. Such imbalances can be easily corrected surgically.

Orthognathic surgery is basically surgery performed on the bones of the jaws to change their position and size. It involves repositioning all or part of the upper or lower jaw or chin in alignment. Sometimes, the bone may be added, taken away or reshaped. When the jaws are moved forwards or backward, up or down, or rotated, the soft tissue in the chin, cheeks, lips and tip of the nose move accordingly.

Therefore, once the jaws are correctly positioned, the architecture of the facial skeleton is changed and harmony between the facial features is achieved. This results in a facial profile that is pleasing or in fact even more beautiful to look at.