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Best Face Correction by Top Plastic Surgeon in India

Facial correction is a procedure to reconstruct or reshape the face by the Best Face Plastic Surgeon in India. It generally aims at giving people with facial asymmetry the appearance and facial structure they desire. Through this method, the altered facial functions of the nose, mouth, or eyes can be restored.

Management of significant facial asymmetry presents a challenge due to the geometric complexity of the bony and other facial structures. There are various potential surgical and non-surgical procedures to correct asymmetry in the face. However, the treatment approach usually depends on several factors such as:

  • The severity of asymmetry
  • The extent of muscle function
  • And the patient’s age.

What to Expect During the Procedure?

Before the treatment procedure, the Best Plastic Surgeon in India or medical provider will first conduct a physical examination of the face. They will use the images and imaging to make a diagnosis and plan for the treatment. You and the doctor will also discuss and address in depth the advice and the recommended treatment procedure. Based on the issue to address, several surgeries might be necessary to achieve the desired outcome. The correction procedure can thus involve the following;

  • Adding soft tissue
  • Alloplastic implant (addition of the facial implant)
  • Bone graft (insertion of the bone)
  • Osteotomy (moving bone)
  • Reducing bone
  • Reducing soft tissue via liposuction

All these treatment procedures aim at correcting facial defects and providing a more symmetrical appearance. In other cases, the Best Face Plastic Surgeon can recommend fat grafting to help improve the soft tissue results.


best face plastic surgeon in India

Generally, it’s vital to find a surgeon who is experienced in all treatment procedures. With this, you will be assured that the process won’t be limited by a specific collection of equipment or techniques. Considering this is also essential since facial asymmetry correction involves the use of numerous instruments. Hence, you wouldn’t want to risk. In most cases, the surgeon works with different medical experts. This is to prepare and cautiously plan for the treatment, including before and after the operation. When performing the correction procedure, the Best Face Surgeon in India will first administer anesthesia either orally or intravenously through the vein. The treatment process to conduct next will be based on the nature of the procedure to perform.

What to Expect During Recovery?

After the treatment procedure, you are likely to experience swelling and bruising. In most cases, the swelling and associated pain can peak after a few days following the operation. However, it will diminish within a few weeks.

best face surgeon in India

Depending on the severity or seriousness of the procedure, you can go home on that same day. However, if the condition is more intense, you may be required to remain in the hospital, preferably the Edens Dental is the Best Face Surgery Hospital in India, for at least one or more nights. Once the condition stabilizes, you can return home with prescribed medications to help with the healing process and prevent infections. The doctor will also give you instructions on how to nurse the wound and avoid causing any damage.